Relocating to Perth

Anyone who has moved overseas, interstate or even intra state will know that relocating, particularly with a family, as much as being all exciting and new, can be traumatic as well.  

How long before your furniture arrives? Where do you store your stuff while you wait for permanent accommodation? Where are the local schools and how good are they? What about services? Banking; Post Office; Council Offices? These are genuinely concerning questions for most who make a big move.  There is certainly a lot of running around – over the internet, over the telephone and when you arrive, to get the information you need just to start you off.  

That’s why we offer a free downloadable welcome pack containing local information to assist in making your move as smooth as possible.  

Sevenoaks apartments offers one, two and three bedroom short term, fully equipped accommodation that can see you right until you set up your permanent base.  

Right now we have a two bedroom and a three bedroom property available and though the minimum lease term is three months, we are able to provide accommodation for a period as short as two weeks.  

Here are some pics of our current availabilities  

Lounge/Dining of unit 19 - 3 bedroom unit at Sevenoaks


Lounge/dining of unit 8 Sevenoaks


Email us or post a comment for your free welcome pack and accommodation requirements.

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