Earth Caring Freo Holiday House

It’s amazing how good for the garden washing machine water is! I think this is because washing detergent (eco-friendly of course) acts as a soil wetting agent – anyway it is fantastic for the garden! 

The  ‘no dig’ Right of Way side garden at the Artists’ Residence Fremantle is doing well on washing water with all sorts of surprises being born from the mix of compost, worm castings, soil improver and mulch placed over layers and layers of wet newspaper at its beginning some two months ago.   

Amazing really, when you consider that only about 20cm below the ground level is almost solid limestone! I really need a wide-angle lens to show you properly but I’ve included this photograph that may give you a little idea of how it’s going so far. 

No dig ROW garden takes shape in Fremantle

No dig ROW garden takes shape in Fremantle at the Artists' Residence


 Nasturtiums and cosmos are co-existing nicely with the everlastings – no flowers yet but soon I think – and the hollyhocks and geraniums are doing well too: come on Spring!! This garden will be awash with colour sooner than we know and over the coming months, the flower seeds I sprinkled during the last rains will add to this colourful entry statement! 

Earth carer fairy

Encouraging Earth carer fairies with water wise gardens


In the next couple of weeks I’ll be placing a worm farm and a compost bin behind The Artists’ Residence and Hampton House so we’ll have a continual stream of nutrients to feed our no dig garden. Then, Earth caring holiday makers from all over the world can contribute to our project, by feeding their scraps to our bins! 

Oh by the way, for those who are keen,this is how we did our no dig garden: 

Layers of newspaper ten sheets thick and soaked in water placed on the top of a weedy right of way by the side of the house. We topped the newspaper with a mixed layer of worm castings, compost and leaf mulch.  This is the time (about the beginning of May)we added our everlasting seeds, nasturtiums, hollyhock seedlings and geraniums. A week later we added rough tree mulch and this was soaked by some heavy rain. Three weeks after that we added a trailer load of organic soil improver, some cosmos seeds and cuttings from various gardens. In the next fortnight, we’ll add another layer of tree mulch soaked with worm castings and that’ll be it until Autumn! 

We look forward to welcoming Earth carers to our gorgeous Fremantle properties!

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