Sports competition accommodation Fremantle and Perth

Surf Lifesaving at Cottesloe Beach

A couple of big meets coming up in Perth in September – Swimming and Hockey!

Mums and Dads all over our vast country, since the moment their kids show interest in running, jumping, swimming, hockey, footy, dance and other sporting pursuits, encourage healthy competition to nurture and grow the talents they possess.

These competitive endeavours take some creative thinking when it comes to intra and interstate competition activity, with juggling work and holiday leave restrictions, particularly when the children are pre-high school age and needing to travel with parents or guardians, not to mention coaches!

Finding interstate and intrastate accommodation for the myriad of competitions, meets and trials can be challenging but here in Perth Western Australia, there are many and varied options available.

We have two fully furnished and equipped houses in Fremantle, next door to each other that can be booked together to house groups of up to 12 people. Together, Hampton House and the Artists’ Residence offer six bedrooms, two bathrooms, two kitchens, two lounge areas, open space and carparking for four vehicles – perfect, you might say, for a club group travelling together.

We offer stays from as short as four nights which can be useful if it is a short meet that you’re coming over for.

Other accommodation options include a number of one, two and three bedroom apartments in Maylands offered on a fourteen night minimum.

Whatever you’re looking for in this regard, if we can’t help, we have access to a network of others who may be able to assist.

Check our home page for availabilities first, then, if nothing suits, give us a call and we’ll flick you some numbers to try!


  1. Angela Webber said,

    10/08/2013 at 19:19

    We are looking for accommodation for a week or so from about 30 September to 6 October . Not sure exactly but 6-10 people maybe more – parents and athletes (kids) who will be attending the Fencing U20 Nationals in fremantle. Can you help if so give us an idea of price.
    Thanks and Regards
    Angela Webber

    • 10/08/2013 at 19:52

      Hi Angela
      Would love to assist but both of the Fremantle houses have been booked for some time for these dates. There must be a lot of participants coming to town! We do have another property in Salter Point that is available for these dates. I will send you en email regarding this one. Regards Sigrid Semmens

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