Magical Maylands

This week I’d booked time out, hired a property manager to look after things, dumped my share of family responsibilities onto my unsuspecting  husband and planned to high tail it to Bali  for a bit of RnR and to reconnect with the accommodation away experience from a customer perspective! Unfortunately, or very fortunately as it turns out, my plans went awry when the universe  and Mother Nature in the form of an active volcano changed things dramatically, resulting in a cancelled out flight and no iminent availability to leave the country.

Since everything was already in place and I so needed a break, I decided to keep my plan intact and after musing about what I might do next, I found my thoughts drifting to our property portfolio – no matter how I try, work is never far from the forefront of my mind!

So often guests don’t  tell about the shower water pressure or that the bathroom cabinet doesn’t slide open smootly, things that can only really be assessed by staying overnight or, in my case, for a few days and so it is that I came to and book out one of our apartments for the six nights I was supposed to be overseas..

I am, afterall, seriously more critical as a consumer of my own product than others would be and what a great opportunity to take an objective look from a subjective point of view!

Other than the normal checks one does, like TV and internet in working order, toaster and kettle clean and functioning, cleaning checks etc. to drill down and include whether all the appliances work properly, ambient temperature and ambient day/night light levels, neighbours, noise, surroundings, sufficient cooking and dining equipment, plumbing working properly is, I discovered, an important exercise!

Here’s what I found from my stay at one of our one bedroom apartments in Whatley Court Maylands:

On the good side the bed was really comfortable, not too hard or too soft;  the kitchen and storage in the kitchen is enough for a couple and cooking a meal here is easy with plenty of utensils, crockery and cutlery; furnishings comfortable; space clean and tidy; no drippy taps or leaking toilets, good shower pressure.  Amazingly good cafe’s, restaurants and shops in walking distance!

The things that needed fixing: Knives definitely needed sharpening; new roller on bedroom window needed; heavy drape required to supplement the existing window treatment to keep light out at night and minimise the traffic noise.

Score out of ten before the items requiring attention were fixed 7/10
Score after 9/10.

As a result of this exercise, I have decided to repeat the process with each of the properties within the portfolio to ensure that the end user experience is stress free and memorable in the best possible way.

The bonus was that I got to spend time in Maylands – what a fabulous inner city suburb this is!

And, you know what? Taking time away from the usual daily grind even for just a few days, no matter where you stay, can feel like a holiday!

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